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Dermatosis is a kind of disease that a lot of people can make now. Because a lot of dermatosis can be infected, to be anxious even if fearing of dermatosis because of this people the patient can be caught him. Silver-colored bits tinea is a kind of very bored dermatosis, the meeting when its disease is sent grows thickly dotted erythema on the body of people, papule, your person looks creepy. A lot of people fear silver-colored bits tinea can infect others, can be tinea of so silver-colored bits infected?

Can be silver-colored bits tinea infected

Psoriasis is infection of a kind of fungus, it is not to belong to those who catch a disease. Psoriasis does not infect be affirmative sex, still have no a person in medical bound at present demur. Because this disease is not,send ill microbial be caused by by what have infectivity, not only long-term and intimate contact won’t infect other to cause disease, and the leather damage of medical admiral psoriasis moves to also cannot produce this disease on the skin of healthy person, because this psoriasis does not have infectivity.

Can be silver-colored bits tinea infected

The gene that everybody knows to heredity is organism, body, construction and certain physiology function or disease by on generation passes next generation. And heredity and infect between extremelying He Lian is. Have a blood relationship familial in appearShanghai noble baby

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A few acting people are coinstantaneous the circumstance of psoriasis, can explain only with genetic element.

Can be silver-colored bits tinea infected

The problem as to heredity can opposite and theory, some scholars think psoriasis has genetic tendency, the basis is partial patient has familial sex medical history, but do not have a person to be able to find out strong scientific basis from respect of human heredity gene. From document respectShanghai night net

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Psoriasis patient has familial Shi Fang material of face statistic sex is more, but because the hair cause of disease that can prove psoriasis completely without a data up to now is pure transmissibility problem. The schoolbook that also does not have which country includes transmissibility disease field psoriasis. This showsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, although individual patient has familial history, real reason is the common result of familial sex element and environmental element.

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