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To patient of a few stomach trouble, if did not maintain well oneself stomach, appear particularly easily the phenomenon that the stomach bilges, can feel when patient stomach bilges abdomen is special scruple, also can feel hunger is met again thing of not feel like eating, and the case that returns meeting occurrence ache, this time must take a few, can help digestiveShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Medicaments, because we can secrete a few gas inside the stomach, so does stomach-ache bilge how should gas do?

 Stomach-ache bilges how does gas do

The stomach bilges gas stomach-ache, as a result of,consideration of this kind of circumstance is the phenomenon of abdominal catch cold catch cold, gastric bowel convulsion that suffers wind, cool exciting place to bring about, general Xu Han of as unreasonable as dietary structure, taste relative. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Heat preservation notices in daily life, especially all round abdomen and navel, avoid to get wind and catch cold catch cold. Regular food notices on food, 3 eat are time and mensurable, avoid edible raw or cold food, fat, exciting, cold cool food, eat tepid digestible food more, for example all sorts of hot boiling water kind if hang soup of water in which noodles have been boiled, a knot in one’s heart, face piece congee of soup, millet. Also can increase physical training to promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach appropriately in the life, help aid digestion. Still can eat disappear of bit of be good at stomach to feed piece, amount to happy event, the medicaments such as fourth Lin.


The nutrient value of spinach Gaonake is accepted fact, just do not have how many person to know however, spinach also can raise a stomach. Between daily life, often feed spinach to be able to promote stomach and pancreas to secrete not only, increase the appetite of people, still can promote very well digest. Besides, still contain very rich cellulose between spinach, can promote the peristalsis of intestines and stomach very well, achieve the result of defecate then. Say so, often feed spinach, the help that to bowel not only is great, more good to recuperation effect of the stomach.

 Stomach-ache bilges how does gas do


With spinach, the nutrient value of carrot also is very tall. Between carrot, besides contain a variety of nutrition material besides, still contain many carotene. And carotene the can very good vitamin A that changes need of adult body place. Not only can bright eye repose, enhance the strength of the body, still butA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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In order to prevent the happening of respiratory tract disease, protect the health of intestines and stomach. The person that if the stomach is bad,says so, can eat a few carrot more.


The nutrient value of milk veryShanghai night net

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Tall, breakfast of a lot of people can choose to drink, especially abroad, milk is every family breakfast is necessary article. So, what magical effect does milk have again to gastric bowel? Sex of milk flavour pleasant is smooth, tipple milk can recuperate intestines and stomach not only, return OK and moist large intestine, gastralgia of OK and very good recuperation deficiency of yin with irritability, and digestibility disease. Besides, tipple milk is mixed to constipation diarrhoea, have very pretty good recuperation effect. Say so, the person with gastric bad bowel, might as well every morning drink a cup of fresh milk.

 Stomach-ache bilges how does gas do

Bag dish

Between daily life, including course can be very common. A lot of people do dish of the daily life of a family to be able to use packet of food, because include course not only delicious, nutrient value is very rich also. Bag dish can help people not only be good at lienal raise a stomach, alleviate gastralgia, still have effect of alexipharmic detumescence, clear hot diuretic. Besides, to diseases of a few very common intestines and stomach, bag dish has recuperation effect not only, still have occasionally very pretty good cure effect. So stomach-ache when, or when intestines and stomach is bad, can fry a dish of reeky bag dish to come edible, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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