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The schoolgirl can smell now and then oneself vaginal place has peculiar smell, and this is planted peculiar smell still can feel exceedingly serious, this is a kind of when cause because of leucorrhoea peculiar smell clinical symptom, it is to be able to take relevant Chinese traditional medicine normally material cure, because this is planted,remedial method side-effect still is smaller, included ginseng among them, the common Chinese traditional medicine such as angelica material, the time that needs to take a week to control probably can let an illness improve. A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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 How does peculiar smell do again below the schoolgirl

Leucorrhoea has the method of commonly used treatment of peculiar smell more:

1, Chinese traditional medicine treats: Color of lienal empty morbid is white, without the stink, patient bosom is frowsty lack of power, anorexia, the ambassador is rare, coating on the tongue is white. Appropriate is used be good at lienal change wet Chinese traditional medicine to treat, if take pill more ‘ every time 15 grams, daily twice; or ginseng put in lienal bolus ‘s charge, every time 1 bolus, daily 3.

2, dietotherapy method: Bright purslane 200 grams, unripe egg 2. juice of purslane pound filter, unripe egg goes fizzling out, mix with albumen divide evenly of purslane juice agitate, boiled water take medicine with water, daily 1. Apply to peculiar smell of mould sex leucorrhoea and leucorrhoea overmuch.

 How does peculiar smell do again below the schoolgirl

Although dietotherapy and Chinese traditional medicine treat the curative effect with have certain, but the effect is not apparent, and break out very easily after cure repeatedly, cannot break a root. Let a person be borne hard plus leucorrhoea peculiar smell, affected the patient’s life badly, because this should choose a kind of more effective and quick method,have treatment.

1, colorless and transparent agglutinant leucorrhoea: Show egg white pattern, character and oviposit excretive of body of gland of period palace neck is mucous and similar, but estimate marked increase, should consider the film inside chronic palace neck commonly phlogistic, ovarian function the likelihood of the disease such as cancer of gland of tall become divided of disease of gland of maladjusted, vagina or palace neck. White or grey yellow are spumescent leucorrhoea: For the feature of trichomonad vaginitis, can accompany vulva Sao itchs.

2, curd shape leucorrhoea: For feature of beads bacterium vaginitis, constant companion has serious vulva Sao urticant or bright is painful.

3, leucorrhoea of gray fishlike smell: Common at disease of bacterial sex vagina.

 How does peculiar smell do again below the schoolgirl

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, purulent appearance leucorrhoea: Olivine of lubricious Huang Huo, ropy, . Have a stink more, guan Yanjun of neck of phlogistic, palace can cause neck of the acute vaginitis of the bacterial be caused by such as trichomonad or gonococcus, palace. Palace antrum accumulates pusForum of Shanghai noble babyFall in love with the sea

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, remain of the eyewinker inside palace neck cancer, vagina cancer or vagina also can bring about pus1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Appearance leucorrhoea.

5, leucorrhoea of courage and uprightness: Mix in leucorrhoea have blood, should consider palace neckNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Tumour of the flesh below polyp of neck of cancer of cancer, the film inside the uterus, palace or mucous membrane. Put an intrauterine device to also can cause leucorrhoea of courage and uprightness.

6, sample leucorrhoea: Pour out of leucorrhoea of the sample that clean out rice continuously, and strange smelly person it is commonly terminal tumour of the flesh below rich neck cancer, vagina cancer or mucous membrane accompanies infection. Clonic the possibility that eduction yellow or gules sample leucorrhoea should note tubal cancer.

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